Photograph Album (1879)

Gift from William Spoor III to his niece Eleanor (née Cook), wife of Rev. John Watson, on the occasion of their departure for the Aliwal North Mission, South Africa

Excerpt from John Watson´s letter of March 20th, 1879

« We sailed out of the Docks yesterday morning at 10-15, ... & uncle Wm. Spoor, of whose kindness in London we cannot speak too highly, saw us off ... Mr. Spoor presented my wife with a splendid album, which cost 13/6 ... » 

album cover

The album measures about 6 x 4½ inches. Its covers are of fine leather work, with two engraved brass catches (see closeup below).
album clasp
The pages are designed to hold small card-mounted studio photographs (2½ x 4 inches) which were popular at that period: these are known as "carte de visite" [visiting card]. The following is an example:

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