Rev. John Watson D.D.
Diploma presented by the Primitive Methodist Conference
on his retirement from the Methodist Training College, Manchester, 1898

fine illuminated penmanship on two stiff boards, bound in leather

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Primitive Methodist Connexion
of the
Conference held at Leeds.
June 8th to 17th 1898
on the Retirement of the

Rev. John Watson D.D.
as Principal of the
Primitive Methodist College Manchester.
This Conference records its grateful appreciation of the Rev. John Watson D.D. who has been Principal of the Manchester College for the past five years. During his term of office the College has been materially enlarged and the number of students doubled, which has cast upon Mr. and Mrs. Watson an increase of responsibility and labour, which has been cheerfully borne. As a tutor, Dr Watson has been painstaking and successful, loyal to the standards of Methodist doctrine, and at the same time responsive to the fresh light which the Lord of Truth is ready to grant to every age. The students have been fortunate in having fellowship with one who has been a loyal and efficient missionary, a powerful preacher, a careful administrator, and a sound theologian.

Dr. Watson has had the great task of shaping the life and character of our future ministry, a work which he has achieved with high distinction. We pray that God may richly bless him and his family, and that in the eventide of life he may still be able to render honourable service to the Church in which for many years he has been a foremost leader.
John Smith   President.
Charles Spivey   Secretary.

 Thanks: Ian Cowie